Thursday, March 12, 2020

History of the Invention of Fireworks

History of the Invention of Fireworks Many people associate fireworks with Independence Day, but their original use was in New Years celebrations. Do you know how fireworks were invented? Legend tells of a Chinese cook who accidentally spilled saltpeter into a cooking fire, producing an interesting flame. Saltpeter, an ingredient in gunpowder, was used as a flavoring salt sometimes. The other gunpowder ingredients, charcoal and sulfur, also were common in early fires. Though the mixture burned with a pretty flame in a fire, it exploded if it was enclosed in a bamboo tube. History This serendipitous invention of gunpowder appears to have occurred about 2000 years ago, with exploding firecrackers produced later during the Song dynasty (960-1279) by a Chinese monk named Li Tian, who lived near the city of Liu Yang in Hunan Province. These firecrackers were bamboo shoots filled with gunpowder. They were exploded at the commencement of the new year to scare away evil spirits. Much of the modern focus of fireworks is on light and color, but loud noise (known as gung pow or bian pao) was desirable in a religious firework, since that was what frightened the spirits. By the 15th century, fireworks were a traditional part of other celebrations, such as military victories and weddings. The Chinese story is well-known, though its possible fireworks really were invented in India or Arabia. From Firecrackers to Rockets In addition to exploding gunpowder for firecrackers, the Chinese used gunpowder combustion for propulsion. Handcarved wooden rockets, shaped like dragons, shot rocket-powered arrows at the Mongol invaders in 1279. Explorers took knowledge of gunpowder, fireworks, and rockets back with them when they returned home. Arabians in the 7th century referred to rockets as Chinese arrows. Marco Polo is credited with bringing gunpowder to Europe in the 13th century. The crusaders also brought the information with them. Beyond Gunpowder Many fireworks are made in much the same way today as they were hundreds of years ago. However, some modifications have been made. Modern fireworks may include designer colors, like salmon, pink, and aqua, that werent available in the past. In 2004, Disneyland in California starting launching fireworks using compressed air rather than gunpowder. Electronic timers were used to explode the shells. That was the first time the launch system was used commercially, allowing for increased accuracy in timing (so shows could be put to music) and reducing smoke and fumes from big displays.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Advance coaching in sport (topic expertise) Assignment

Advance coaching in sport (topic expertise) - Assignment Example Competition works as a platform of evaluating the effectiveness of previous training. Expert Coaches have distinctive characteristics that will either make them win or lose competitions. Levels of expertise in coaching depend on the number of tiles athletes win and the period the Coach serves in the field of sports (McCarthy & Ahrens 2011). Coaches would take most of their times in areas with athletes to improve their performing standards. Coaches should be precisely smart in planning and executing their mandates. Development of an athlete relies on the behavior and beliefs of expert coaches. Core objective of this task is to ascertain the development process to qualify as an expert coach, establish the characteristic of an expert coach, and enhance relationship between a coach and an athlete (Gallo 2015). There are a number of theories explaining the significant of sporting and coaching in lives of the people and the society such as behaviorism (knowledge of coach), Dynamic and environmental changes (coach contexts). This article should stand toll in describing various critics surrounding the coaching expertise. It focuses on conceptualizing the whole notion of coaching expertise (Goldsmith, Lyons & McArthur 2012). Theoretical models are relevant variables that affect coaching course and the overall result of coaching. Various theories relate to coaching’s effectiveness and expertise. These theories are based on coaching contexts, athletes’ outcomes, and the coaches’ knowledge (behaviors, dispositions, education, and coaches’ experiences). First component of a conceptual model is the coaching contexts, which is all about dynamicity of the environment. This part explains settings that a coach would lay to improve performance of an athlete. Parameters are critical in effective coaching (Potrac, Jones & Armour 2002).

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Industrial ergonomics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Industrial ergonomics - Essay Example Task analysis applies the use of ergonomic sciences. Ergonomics is the field of science that aims at creating tasks and tools that suit employees in their respective duties at the workplace. Ergonomics looks at the tasks, tools, machines, workplace layouts, and the entire organisation to determine their suitability for employees rather than employees fitting to these aspects of an organisation. Therefore, a clear understanding of task analysis plays a key role in assisting supervisors and managers in identifying ergonomic health hazards and creating solutions to eliminate such hazards. With proper measures in place, risks of cumulative trauma disorders, back pains and costs related to treatment of such disorders can be significantly reduced at workplaces (Deeb, 2004). According to Jonassen (1999), on the other hand, task analysis refers to systematic assessment of how tasks are accomplished. In task analysis, serious attention is given to task duration, task frequency, task complexity, task allocation, work environment, clothing and equipments, and employee fitness. Information obtained from task analysis is helpful in various areas within an organisation, which include designing of tools and equipments, selection and training of employees, designing of procedures, and automation within an organisation. Task analysis courses are available for managers, supervisors and persons working in ergonomic committees. People who undertake this course acquire training on conducting ergonomic task analysis by looking into how employees perform their duties, as well as formulating measures that adapt employees to their work. Different methods of task analysis exist, but for one to decide the most suitable method, a good understanding of the analysis to perform is required. There are five types of task analyses that are available that include job analysis, learning analysis, cognitive task analysis, content analysis, and activity analysis. Different

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Hunting - species Essay Example for Free

Hunting species Essay Provide several reasons why the elephant is an endangered species 1〠Population growth and migration poses a great threat to elephant survival 2〠Forest elephant lives is illegal logging by humans, Habitat of forest fires so that they become smaller and smaller. 3〠In order to get the elephants teeth, skin, bone, gall and by human hunting. 4〠Elephants character more docile, circus training and hunting with them Elephants mass suicide should be an important reason for the reduction in the number of elephants. [pic] [pic]

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Essay --

My Year of Meats (Ozeki) tells the story of two women in two very different parts of the world, and their tumultuous, life-changing journey with meat over the course of a year. Both characters come face to face with situations that test their beliefs and morals, as well as their resolve. There are many themes and lessons that come out of the two women’s’ journey regarding the media, meat products and capitalism, but one of the majors themes that is present in all aspects of the story is the idea of how ideals are carried through society. At one point or another, both women are faced with a choice to either continue on the path their life is currently on, or go against society and change their course. Ruth Ozeki supports the idea in her book that in order to be truly happy and have a less stereotypical society, each individual member of society must be willing to look at their own lives and change it themselves; otherwise, true change will never happen, and society will never be able to move past its limiting views. Jane Takagi-Little is the first of the main characters to be introduced, and in the beginning of the story she very bluntly points out that, â€Å"One requisite of a good documentarian: you must shamelessly take what is available† (Ozeki 33); however her opinion of what a documentarian should be showing changes and evolves the more she films and interacts with different families. When Jane is asked to write a proposal for a show, My American Wife!, that is sponsored by a major beef corporation called BEEF-EX, Jane does not turn down the opportunity given her tough financial situation (7). Each week the show would look at a different traditional, wholesome American family from around the country, and feature a delicious me... In the end, My Year of Meats (Ozeki) was the yearlong journey of two different women who decided to go against society and try to make it a better place by changing themselves, finding their own happiness and influencing others to do the same along the way. The purpose of Ozeki carrying this theme through the book is to show that change is possible, but every person needs to start with their own lives as society changes one person at a time, not all at once. Ignorance of problems only leads to the problems becoming worse, and possibly more problems appearing, so it is important to realize and fix them when they are present. This is a very important lesson to be learned from the characters of My Year of Meats (Ozeki), and it is likely a problem that will persist, but through time and effort, society can change, even if it can only be done one person at a time.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Ashok Rajguru Essay

From the first session based on the case â€Å"Ashok RaJguru†, I learned that to help a person, it is better to guide him to find a solution to his problems by himself. On the other hand, Ashok helped me in analysing my life by better understanding the mix of value of studies as well as personal relationships in life. Here I learnt that it is important to understand the value of your dreams at each stage and to keep evaluating it after some time, so that you don’t have to regret later. For the second case, I could not relate to a lot of things from my past experiences, but I got to know the kind of problems faced by employees in organisations. Here I learned from the experiences of my colleagues, who had faced similar situations at their workplace. I also learned that it is important o let misunderstandings not get created and if they do, then we should sort them out at the earliest. In the third and the fourth session, we analysed our personalities by filling in a questionnaire. With this instrument, I was able to understand the ego states that I follow. It has helped me in understanding various transactions that have taken place afterwards and I have been able to relate to them. From the reading I learned Managerial styles which will help me I my future

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compare franks victims in the wasp factory - 938 Words

Compare franks murder of his 3 victims Frank lovingly describes the murder of his three victims. Banks may have been influenced by the ‘video nasties’ from 1970s-80s that has helped shape and form the way he has presented the deaths of his victims. The similarities of each victim are the way Frank disposes of them are all disturbing. The difference is that the reason for their disposal all have different underlining themes and messages that Banks may present his view through. When Frank was five years old he placed a snake in Blyth’s artificial leg whilst he was asleep. When they awoke Blyth strapped on his leg to play football. He was bitten and died from the venom. What makes this death different from Paul and Esmeralda is that†¦show more content†¦Frank was 9 years old so he was smarter than before thus why this death was brilliantly constructed. The reason Frank killed Esmeralda is because he needed to create ‘balance’ by killing a ‘women’ as he has killed 2 ‘men’. ‘I ought to redress the balance at least slightly. My cousin was simply the easiest and most obvious target. Despite his need to create balance that predatory behavior is also what’s driven frank to kill Esmeralda. In the wild the predator would go for the ‘easiest and most obvious target’. This predatory illustration of Frank is disturbing. Like Paul the reader sympathizes with Esmeralda as she too is young, n aà ¯ve and innocent. Frank is also fond of Esmeralda. His justification of her death like Paul is disturbing as he truly believes in his beliefs to commit these disturbing actions. Again by this Banks satires religion for their strong beliefs leading them to actions he would deem to be foolish. Each death is described thoroughly, which is disturbing as the amount of detail added makes the death somewhat humorous to the reader. When Frank describes his first victim the reader is on franks side as Blyth is presented to a horrible character. However that changes when he describes Paul’s death making the reader against franks. This carries on with Esmeralda who is another innocent victim. Despite the negative changes of what the reader views of frank some may enjoy the way he disposes hisShow MoreRelatedAnalylis Primark22310 Words   |  90 Pagesthen Primark won t upset you - you ll find some good stuff to strut about in and there are always a few gems to be snapped up. 2 FIGHTING THE HIVE TO REACH THE HONEY So does its great value make Primark a great store? Well to be perfectly frank, no it doesn t. True enough, Primark have the value nailed but there are more concerning issues at stake. Lets start by returning to the point I asked you to make a note of earlier. Primark sell in bulk in order to make their money. That means theyRead MoreFrom Salvation to Self-Realization18515 Words   |  75 PagesMonthly, The world is by degrees getting ready to lie abed all day and transact its business. Yet this ease of life had not produced healthy people; on the contrary, the most comfortable people were also the most anxious, the most likely to fall victim to our now universal disorder, nervous prostration. 7 14Nervous prostration or neurasthenia were shorthand terms for the immobilizing depressions that plagued many among the urban bourgeoisie during the late nineteenth century and after. While